Rosebery Residents Action Group

Rosebery's latest challenge

Our Council, Sydney City, has proposed moving its Redfern, Zetland and Alexandria depots and creating one mega-sized garbage truck depot to be put into the growing residential suburb of Rosebery.

Council minutes reveal that other, unspecified council facilities are also planned to be foisted onto our suburb.  On top of that, 'our' council also made numerous attempts to have Waverley council move its depot into Rosebery.

There has been no consultation with our community.

We have informed Council that we totally oppose this proposed depot. It would result in street sweeping machines despatched in the middle of the night, garbage trucks leaving at 5:30am every day of the week and council rangers coming and going at all hours.

Why should we have our sleep destroyed by this mega-facility when there are any number of suitable locations in nearby industrial areas.

At the Council Public Forum on Wednesday 29th April, Council confirmed its intention to push ahead with a garbage truck depot in Rosebery. Council intends running this facility 24hrs a day, seven days a week.

A second major issue with this is that as Council is both the proposer and the approving body for this Development Application (DA) it has an obvious conflict of interest. We requested Council put the decision into the hands of an independent body. They have not agreed.


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