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Our suburb, our life

We believe that residents' quality of life should be paramount in any decision making.

We believe that the Hillsong proposal is totally unsuitable in any residential area.

We are opposed to Hillsong's plan for a 2,700 seat auditorium and its hours of operation from 7am to 10:30pm, 7 days a week. Hillsong's proposed development would add nothing of benefit to the area whilst its impact would be enormous and inescapable for 365 days of the year.

What Hillsong are proposing is an entertainment centre, an indoor stadium, running back-to-back sessions. This means that the thousands of people attracted to this stadium would generate enormous numbers of cars. Our suburb, 'our village' would be inundated, swamped by the sheer numbers of Hillsong visitors drawn from all over Sydney and beyond. Our population would effectively treble with people arriving for services while the previous session was exiting.

And this is not a one-off or an annual event. This is proposed to occur every Friday night, every Saturday, every Sunday, session after session, all year, every year.

Amenity Loss

For the residents of the Rosebery area, the 2,700 seat auditorium and other components of the Hillsong proposal would result in an enormous loss of amenity: 

  • Quiet evenings and weekends would go forever.
  • We would lose ease of cycling and walking in those quiet times.
  • We would lose ease of driving in and out of our own suburb.
  • We would lose on-street residential and guest parking on weekends and evenings - that's the end of inviting family and friends over for a BBQ.
  • We would experience lack of sleep or interrupted sleep caused by the extended hours of operation.

Our village life is under threat and our cause is to protect our lifestyle for our families.
We believe that we should have a role in directing the future of our suburb. We have committed to this area by settling and raising our families here. We are not absentee investor landlords who may have little personal stake in the quality of life issues that concern us; nor are we once-a-week visitors.

We Need

Desperately needed in this area is a quality aged care facility for older residents, many of whom have spent their entire lives here. With the growing residential nature of the area this need grows.
The long promised public aquatic centre at Zetland is also eagerly anticipated.

We Don't Need

Rosebery residents have no use for a 2,700 seat auditorium. Our biggest annual event, the Lord Mayor's Christmas Concert, attracts hundreds, not thousands.

Rosebery's Residential Future

Rosebery is now experiencing great change as more high density residential developments appear. We are also aware that old industrial sites will be redeveloped with residential buildings, some with shops on the ground floor, making the area residential/commercial. We are not against change - we are not opposed to quality, appropriately sized residential and commercial proposals.

However, the amount of traffic that would be generated by the Hillsong proposal threatens to exceed the capacity of our suburban roads to handle it. This would prejudice any future residential proposal.

The development application should be looked at in the context of Rosebery's sustainable residential future.