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The Rosebery Residents Action Group was formed in reaction to Hillsong's plan to put a 2,700 seat auditorium in our suburb and to operate from 7am to 10:30pm seven days a week.

We represent the concerned residents of the wider Rosebery area. Hillsong's proposal will also affect residents in Zetland, Victoria Park, Beaconsfield and Kensington.

The Rosebery Residents Action Group has the support of the majority of the residents of the Rosebery area. Our group has grown from 8 people at its inception to over 100 people attending our meetings within a very short time frame. Our petition is now nearing 1000 signatures.

We are a community based group. We run on donations and voluntary labour on top of our family and work commitments.

Where is Rosebery?

Rosebery is a small inner-city suburb partly within the City of Sydney and partly within Botany council area.

It is in the electorate of Heffron, whose representative is Kristina Keneally MLA. Federally, following a redistribution, the suburb passed from the electorate of Sydney (Tanya Plibersek MP) to Kingsford-Smith (Peter Garrett MP), although some suburbs affected by the Hillsong proposal, like Zetland, remain in the electorate of Sydney.

History of Rosebery

Rosebery was created as a garden suburb in the early 20th century: uniquely, with planned adjacent industry/commerce for the residents' employment. The residential section was designed, and remains under covenant, as single story detached family sized homes on separate blocks. The commercial areas have typically operated within business hours. This design gives Rosebery its character; busy during business hours with very quiet evenings and weekends.

The City of Sydney, with some justification, uses the slogan 'City of Villages'. Many of the City's suburbs are individually distinctive - for example, they may be student enclaves or Koori areas, or Chinatown or where the gay community is concentrated. Rosebery, with a high number of retired residents and young families is different again. It is populated by residents who choose a quiet existence - Rosebery is 'the sleepy village'. It is so quiet that on weekends you will find Sydney's most hesitant and nervous learner drivers cautiously edging their way around Rosebery's streets.